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Installment Loans

A Safe and Responsible Way to Borrow.

Traditional installment loans are one of the oldest and most established forms of credit. These loans are a transparent, affordable, and disciplined way to borrow because the terms of the loan do not change during the course of the loan.

Unlike other forms of credit that may have balloon payments or changing terms, installment loans are easy to understand and even easier to manage. A fixed monthly payment, based on the individual borrower's budget, ensures that both interest and principal will be repaid within a predefined time period, allowing the borrower a clear path out of debt.

In North Carolina, the installment loan industry is served in large part by local, privately owned businesses that have strong ties to the communities in which they operate.

Personal installment loans are a transparent, affordable and disciplined form of credit which helps consumers meet important economic needs. These loans  help borrowers smooth out their household budgets and handle unexpected events like car repairs or medical expenses. An installment loan provides a properly structured and timely repayment schedule and helps consumers build good credit.