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Code of Ethics

Resident Lenders of North Carolina
Code of Ethics

Members of the Resident Lenders of North Carolina believe the interest of the public, member companies and employees can best be served through observation of the following code.

  • Members will endeavor to create consumer confidence by offering fair treatment, courteous and efficient service.

  • Members will explain fully to customers, terms and contractual obligations of credit transactions.

  • Advertising will not make disparaging references to competition nor will it deliberately imitate slogans and illustrations of other members.

  • Association members should be knowledgeable of and support state laws which regulate and supervise our business.

  • Members will cooperate with supervising officials and other public authorities in the effective enforcement of laws and regulations governing the business.

  • Association members will not directly solicit the services of employees of other members without prior notice to said member.

  • All members will work diligently to promote and improve the image and reputation of the consumer finance business and this association.

  • Members will not discuss or release information that might impair progress or be harmful to the continuing success of this association or the consumer finance business.